7.62x39MM Russian Military Surplus Stripper Clips

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7.62x39-10 Round Clips - Russian Military Surplus Stripper Clips for Russian, Albanian,Yugoslavian, Chinese Norinco  Available in multiple quantities. Try them out and if you don't like them, I'll buy them back!

Here's what others say about our stripper Clips
Got 25 of the russian clips, man these things are smooth. I have a 53 Tula SKS and it loves these strips. Thanks to the guy in Texas for sending em out quick too. Roberto-Liveoak, Florida.

I have 50 of the BNX, they are, in my opinion, the best. I have a couple of other name brand clips and had to tweak most of them to get them to work.

The "BXN" and Yugo stripper clips are the best, in my opinion. Glad to help.

Went to the range today to give the new stripper clips a try. Worked perfect as fast as a magazine change. They are heavy duty with NO bending or twisting. Have never had a stripper clip work this well.
They're on par with their Yugoslavian counterparts and a lot better than the Chinese knock-offs.

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Russian Armory Stripper Clips. Military Surplus from the old Russia.

These are military surplus Russian ARMORY stripper clips for SKS, VZ 58 rifles/carbines. These are excellent stripper clips-some like better than most all others. High Quality.

Factory in  Izhevsk

Ammo doesn't fall off the clip like most others because of the lip on the end of the tang under bullets.

Smooth/fast loading.

No duds/No "Tweaking" in any of these as they are all within .001 tolerance on width: 14.8-15.0 mm wide. These clips were made in Russia in the 1960's-70's. Some are stamped xT3, OT3. You will be happy with these in your N. Korean, E. German, Chinese Norinco, Yugo, Russian or Albanian SKS Carbine.

Fits: SKS-AK-vz 58
Blued Military finish.
Hard to find the Factory in  Izhevsk RUSSIAN clips 
100% Guaranteed.
Russian Mil Surp Stripper Clips
Russian 10 Pack Stripper Clips for sale
You won't find these prices on ebay or any other site.
Czechoslovakian BXN Stripper  Clips 7.62x39mm
I have a few left
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