This is the third incarnation of my SKS sites-1st was, 2nd was, and finally the current I wanted but it was taken, so I finally found this name to be the home and final resting place for the art of aquiring and transferring of military surplus stripper clips to and from us gun nuts for Military Carbines and semi-automatic rifles, usually of the 7.62x39 mm variety. However, I do plan on adding other caliber clips as time and research permits.. You probably know already that the current supply of knock-offs don't actually fit (hint:Ncstar), or even hold 10 rounds in the clip? I've got a pile of them too!
What about this site and do you think you can just sell stripper clips?
Well, yes I can make it just fine only selling stripper clips! Yes, I do have other ventures going, other sites, a real job, I'm a father, grandfather, son and brother too AND I love riding my scooter! Oh, and I do have an SKS or two, in fact, I seem to be obsessed with mine, are you the same way?
Yes, ebay has quite a selection of clips for varying prices and configurations and come from all parts of the globe, if you don't mind waiting a few weeks to get them, and hopefully the guy didn't squirt oil on them for "lubrication!
So, really I'm just a guy selling top quality stripper clips that work, no funny business and hopefully, no "tweaking the clips" to make them work!

I'm going to put my number here in case you REALLY need to contact me. I may not answer, so leave a voicemail and I might get back to you, this proves I'm real right!?! All info should readily be available on the site here, or google for that matter....Ok, as my grandad always said after answering a phone call -
This is all...Scott Hall 254-979-3250 (if telemarketers get hold of this number-I'm screwed)
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